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G. Wondracek, T. Holz, Ch. Platzer, E. Kirda, C. Krügel:
"Is the Internet for Porn? An Insight Into the Online Adult Industry";
in: "The Ninth Workshop on the Economics of Information Security (WEIS 2010)", ACM Press, 2010, 14 pages.

English abstract:
The online adult industry is among the most profitable busi-
ness branches on the Internet, and its web sites attract large
amounts of visitors and traffic. Nevertheless, no study has
yet characterized the industry´s economical and security-
related structure. As cyber-criminals are motivated by fi-
nancial incentives, a deeper understanding and identifica-
tion of the economic actors and interdependencies in the
online adult business is important for analyzing security-
related aspects of this industry.
In this paper, we provide a survey of the different eco-
nomic roles that adult web sites assume, and highlight their
economic and technical features. We provide insights into
security flaws and potential points of interest for cyber-
criminals. We achieve this by applying a combination of
automatic and manual analysis techniques to investigate the
economic structure of the online adult industry and its busi-
ness cases. Furthermore, we also performed several exper-
iments to gain a better understanding of the flow of visitors
to these sites and the related cash flow, and report on the
lessons learned while operating adult web sites on our own.

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