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W. Granzer, W. Kastner, P. Furtak:
"KNX and OPC UA";
Talk: KNX Scientific Conference 2010, Pamplona, Navarra, Spain; 2010-11-04 - 2010-11-05; in: "Proceedings KNX Scientific Conference 2010", (2010).

English abstract:
A key requirement at the management level of modern building automation systems is to provide interoperability between devices and systems that use different technologies from various vendors. A possible solution for this challenge is the use of Web services. Web services provide a generic, platform- and technological-independent way to access and manipulate information. Due to the use of IP networks in today´s building automation systems, Web services are gaining increasely importance within the building automation domain. This is especially true for KNX systems, since the upcoming opportunity to use IP as native KNX medium provides new possibilities for integrating Web services into KNX. One of the most important
technologies within this field is OPC UA. Therefore, this paper is dedicated to OPC UA in KNX. After an introduction to this technology, an approach to use OPC UA for KNX systems is presented. The paper is concluded with an outlook on OPC UA server and client solutions for KNX systems.

Building Automation, Web Services, KNX, OPC UA

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Project Head Wolfgang Kastner:
Web-basierte Kommunikation in der Automation

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