Publications in Scientific Journals:

W. Granzer, F. Praus, W. Kastner:
"Security in building automation systems";
IEEE Transactions on Industrial Electronics, 57 (2010), 11; 3622 - 3630.

English abstract:
Building automation systems are traditionally concerned with the control of heating, ventilation, air conditioning, as well as lighting and shading systems. They have their origin in a time where security has been considered as a side-issue at best. Nowadays, with the rising desire to integrate security-critical services that were formerly provided by isolated subsystems, security must no longer be neglected. Thus, the development of a comprehensive security concept is of utmost importance. This paper starts with a security threat analysis and identifies the challenges of providing security in the building automation domain. Afterwards, the security mechanisms of available standards are thoroughly analyzed. Finally, two approaches that provide both secure communication and secure execution of possibly untrusted control applications are presented.

Building automation, embedded networks, integration, security

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Project Head Wolfgang Kastner:
Sicherheit in der Gebäudeautomation

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