Publications in Scientific Journals:

A. Ajami, W. Husinsky, R. Liska, N. Pucher:
"Two-photon absorption cross section measurements of various two-photon initiators for ultrashort laser radiation applying the Z-scan technique";
J. Opt. Soc. Am. B: Opt. Phys., 27 (2010), 11; 2290 - 2297.

English abstract:
In this paper, we describe the Z-scan measurements of the two-photon absorption (TPA) cross section of various
two-photon initiators that are suitable for real three-dimensional structuring of photo-polymerizable formulation.
The value of the TPA cross section for the initiator P3K was measured to be 256 GM as the maximum
value among the synthesized initiators. Procedures for a precise Z-scan measurement including the measurement
of Rayleigh length and beam waist radius are presented. The effect of the pulse width on the Z-scan
signal is demonstrated. We also used a flow-cell geometry instead of a static cell in order to refresh the materials
to avoid the decomposition of the molecules. This resulted in a more realistic TPA cross section which has
been proven by suitable reference compounds.

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