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A. Daskalova, S. Bashir, W. Husinsky:
"Daskalova, A., Bashir, S., & Husinsky, W., Morphology of ablation craters generated by ultra-short laser pulses in dentin surfaces: AFM and ESEM evaluation. Appl. Surf. Sci. 257 (3), 1119-1124.";
Applied Surface Science, 257 (2010), 3; 1119 - 1124.

English abstract:
In this study, the surface morphology and structure of dentin after ablation by ultra-short pulses were
evaluated using environmental scanning electron microscopy (ESEM) and atomic force microscopy
(AFM). The dentin specimens examined were irradiated by a chirped-pulse-amplification (CPA)
Ti:sapphire laser (800 nm) and the optimal conditions for producing various nanostructures were determined.
Based on the ESEM results, it was possible to identify an energy density range as the ablation
threshold for dentin. The laser-induced damage was characterized over the fluence range 1.3-2.1 J/cm2.
The results demonstrate that by selecting suitable parameters one can obtain efficient dentin surface
preparation without evidence of thermal damage, i.e., with minimized heat affected zones and reduced
collateral damage, the latter being normally characterized by formation of microcracks, grain growth and
recrystallization in the heat affected zones.

Dentin Laser ablation Surface modification ESEM AFM

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