Publications in Scientific Journals:

F. Máca, V. Drchal, I. Turek, O. Bengone, J. Redinger, J. Kudrnovsky:
"Antiferromagnetic Ordering in the Fe(001) Monolayer Mediated by the Ir Substrate";
e-J. Surface Sci. Nanotech., 8 (2010), 252 - 256.

English abstract:
We demonstrate, with the help of first-principle calculations, that the Fe-monolayer on the fcc(001) surface of iridium has a strong tendency to order antiferromagnetically in the relaxed case. On the contrary, unrelaxed Fe/Ir(001)sample has the ground state ferromagnetic. The antiferromagnetism is thus stabilized by layer-relaxations in contrast to a recently experimentally observed antiferromagnetism of Fe/W(001) system which exists also for unrelaxed geometry. The relevant part of the present study is the evaluation of pair exchange interactions between Fe-atoms in the Fe-overlayer as a function of increasing model relaxation of first interlayer distance which allows a detailed understanding of the antiferromagnetism of Fe/Ir(001) overlayer. We compare the exchange interactions in the overlayer with interactions in one Fe-monolayer embedded in the Ir crystal where the substrate influence is stronger. Our calculations indicate that in the overlayer as well as in the embedded monolayer more complex, spiral-like state can be stabilized rather than a simple c(22)-antiferromagnetic order.

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