Publications in Scientific Journals:

M. Cordin, A. Lechner, P. Amann, A. Menzel, E. Bertel, C. Franchini, R. Zucca, J. Redinger, N. Baranov, S. Diehl:
"Phase transitions driven by competing interactions in low-dimensional systems";
EPL, 92 (2010), 260041 - 260045.

English abstract:
Variable-temperature scanning tunnelling microscopy is used to study an orderorder
phase transition in a virtually defect-free quasi-one-dimensional surface system. The phase
transition is driven by competing electronic interactions. The phase diagram is captured by a
modified Landau formalism containing a coupling term between two different subsystems. The
extra term has the effect of a spontaneously generated field which drives the phase transition.
The proposed formalism applies to a variety of problems, where competing interactions produce
sometimes counter-intuitive ordering phenomena.

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