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V. L. Kalashnikov, A. Apolonski:
"Energy scalability of mode-locked oscillators: a completely analytical approach to analysis";
Optics Express, 18 (2010), 24; 25757 - 25770.

English abstract:
A completely analytical approach to analysis of energy-scalable
ultrashort-pulse oscillators operating in both normal- and anomalousdispersion
regimes is developed. The theory, based on the approximated
solutions of the generalized complex nonlinear Ginzburg-Landau equation
allows the problem to be reduced to a purely algebraic model, so that the
oscillator characteristics are easy to trace and are completely characterized
by only two parameters defining the so-called master diagram of the pulse
energy scalability. The proposed theory covers all types of energy-scalable
oscillators: all-normal-dispersion fiber, chirped-pulse and thin-disk solidstate
ones and is validated by numerical simulations.


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