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K. Hausmair, K. Witrisal, P. Meissner, C. Steiner, G. Kail:
"SAGE Algorithm for UWB Channel Parameter Estimation";
Talk: 10th COST2100 Management Committee Meeting, Athens, Greece; 02-03-2010 - 02-05-2010; in: "Proc. 10th COST 2100 Management Committee Meeting", (2010).

English abstract:
UWB signals have become popular for ranging and positioning systems. Since such systems require the extraction of location related information from the radio channel, efficient methods are required to obtain the parameters of interest. This paper presents a simple extension to the SAGE algorithm that makes the algorithm suitable for analyzing UWB channels. It is demonstrated that a phased array beamformer in combination with time gating eliminates the need for more complex delay-and-sum beamforming in the maximization step. The performance of the proposed procedure is demonstrated by applying the algorithm to measurement data.

SAGE, UWB, multipath, MPC

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