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S. Heymans, R. Korf, M. Erdmann, J. Puehrer, T. Eiter:
"F-Logic#: Loosely Coupling F-Logic Rules and Ontologies";
Talk: IEEE/WIC/ACM International Conference on Web Intelligence (WI'10), Toronto, Kanada; 2010-08-31 - 2010-09-03; in: "Proceedings of the 2010 IEEE/WIC/ACM International Conference on Web Intelligence (WI'10)", H. Coelho, R. Studer, M. Wooldridge (ed.); (2010), ISBN: 978-0-7695-3801-3; 248 - 255.

English abstract:
In W3C´s Rule Interchange Format (RIF), F-Logic rules have received considerable attention as a major logical rule formalism, while combinations of rules with Description Logic (DL) ontologies in RIF, let alone with F-Logic rules, are far less developed. To mend this, we first present F-Logic# knowledge bases, a framework based on the semantics of the well-investigated dl-programs, that provides a loose coupling approach to integrating F-Logic rules and DL ontologies by allowing rules to query the ontology using external atoms. We investigate the semantical properties of this framework and define a stratified fragment that allows for fast reasoning - a necessity on a Web with large amounts of data. We then shape F-Logic# as a RIF dialect, setting it firmly in a Web context and providing an expressive combination of F-Logic rules with DL ontologies in RIF. Finally, we show how to extend the F-Logic rule engine OntoBroker towards reasoning with F-Logic#, enabling as such a first commercial implementation for loosely-coupled ontologies and rules.

logical rules, F-Logic, Ontobroker, ontologies, integration

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