M. Greifeneder, S. Strodl, P. Petrov, A. Rauber:
"HOPPLA - Archiving System for Small Institutions";
ERCIM NEWS, 80 (2010), 80; S. 18 - 19.

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Hoppla is an archiving solution that combines back-up and fully automated migration services for data collections in small office environments. The system allows user-friendly handling of services and outsources digital preservation expertise.

Small companies are often hardly aware of changes in their technological environment. This can have serious effects on their long-term ability to access and use their highly valuable digital assets. In some countries, the law requires that business transactions remain available and auditable for up to seven years. Moreover, essential assets such as construction plans, manuals, production process protocols or customer correspondence need to be at hand for even longer periods of time, in case of maintenance issues, lawsuits or for business value. To avoid the physical loss of data, companies implement various backup solutions and strategies. Although the bitstream preservation problem is not entirely solved, there exists many years of practical experience in the industry, with data being constantly migrated to current storage media types, and duplicate copies held to preserve bitstreams over years.

A much more pressing problem is logical preservation. The interpretation of a bitstream depends on the environment of hardware platforms, operating systems, software applications and data formats. Even small changes in this environment can cause problems in opening important files. There is no guarantee that a construction plan for part of an aircraft, stored in an application-specific format, can be rendered again in five, ten or twenty years. Logical preservation requires continuous activity to keep digital assets accessible and useable.

digital preservation

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