Talks and Poster Presentations (with Proceedings-Entry):

L. Juszczyk, S. Dustdar:
"A Programmble Fault Injection Testbed Generator for SOA - Demo Paper";
Talk: 8th International Conference on Service-Oriented Computing (ICSOC 2010), San Francisco, CA, USA; 2010-12-07 - 2010-12-10; in: "Service-Oriented Computing Proceedings of the 8th International Conference (ICSOC 2010)", P. Maglio, M. Weske, J. Yang, M. Fantinato (ed.); Springer, LNCS 6470 (2010), ISBN: 978-3-642-17357-8; 722 - 723.

English abstract:
In this demo paper we present the prototype of our fault
injection testbed generator. Our tool empowers engineers to generate
emulated SOA environments and to program fault injection behavior
on diverse levels: at the network layer, at the execution level, and at the
message layer. Engineers can specify the structure of testbeds via scripts,
attach fault models, and generate running testbed instances from that.
As a result, our tool facilitates the setup of customizable testbeds for
evaluating fault-handling mechanisms of SOA-based systems.

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