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A. Patra, M. Eisterer, R. Biele, S. Fähler, L. Schultz, V. Neu:
"The temperature dependent anisotropy constants of epitaxially grown PrCo5+x";
Journal of Applied Physics, 108 (2010), 073912; 1 - 5.

English abstract:
The temperature dependent anisotropy of a highly textured epitaxial Pr-Co film with a single
orientation of the crystallographic c-axis along MgO 001 is investigated by measuring angle
dependent hysteresis loops at various temperatures. The measured magnetization curves are
compared with calculated magnetization curves, which allows for a full analysis of the temperature
dependent anisotropy constants of first and second order, K1 and K2 and the determination of the
saturation polarization. The analysis reveals that the Pr15.4Co84.6 film undergoes a spin reorientation
transition from an easy axis anisotropy to an easy cone anisotropy at 108 K. The room temperature
values of K1 and K2 measured for this Pr15.4Co84.6 film are 5.0 MJ m−3 and 0.5 MJ m−3,
respectively. The difference to the bulk PrCo5 single crystal values is ascribed to the high Co content
of the Pr15.4Co84.6 film.

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