O. Mattausch, D Scherzer, M. Wimmer:
"High-Quality Screen-Space Ambient Occlusion using Temporal Coherence";
Computer Graphics Forum, 29 (2010), 8; S. 2492 - 2503.

Kurzfassung englisch:
Ambient occlusion is a cheap but effective approximation of global illumination. Recently, screen-space ambient occlusion (SSAO) methods, which sample the frame buffer as a discretization of the scene geometry, have become very popular for real-time rendering. We present temporal SSAO (TSSAO), a new algorithm which exploits temporal coherence to produce high-quality ambient occlusion in real time. Compared to conventional SSAO, our method reduces both noise as well as blurring artifacts due to strong spatial filtering, faithfully representing fine-grained geometric structures. Our algorithm caches and reuses previously computed SSAO samples, and adaptively applies more samples and spatial filtering only in regions that do not yet have enough information available from previous frames. The method works well for both static and dynamic scenes.

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