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S. Jakubek, C. Hametner:
"On the potential of constraints in nonlinear system identification";
Vortrag: Russia - Austria Joint Workshop on Advanced Dynamics and Model Based Control of Structures and Machines, Linz (eingeladen); 25.04.2010 - 28.04.2010.

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Local model networks (LMNs) offer a versatile structure for the identification
of nonlinear static and dynamic systems. In this contribution the integration
of prior knowledge in LMNs using equality constraints is presented. For that purpose,
an equality constrained Generalised Total Least Squares (GTLS) algorithm
for the local model parameter estimation of the LMN is presented. On the one hand
GTLS parameter estimation helps to avoid bias in the estimates when some or all
observations are subject to noise and on the other hand equality constraints allow to
mathematically enforce desired system properties.

system identification, constraints, engine model

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