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T. Schumi, F. Bammer, D. Schuöcker, G. Humenberger:
"Laser-Assisted Bending: A Tool For Brittle Materials";
Vortrag: UMTIK 2010: 14th International Conference on Machine Design and Production, Güzelyurt, Zypern; 29.06.2010 - 02.07.2010; in: "Proceeding UMTIK 2010", METU-Ankara, Vol. 2, Ankara (2010), ISBN: 978-975-429-282-4; S. 743 - 753.

Kurzfassung deutsch:
Laserunterstützes Biegen mit Dioden- und Festkörperlaser

Kurzfassung englisch:
Laser assisted bending is a new and versatile method to allow simple bending of brittle materials by illuminating and heating the forming zone with lasers. Only a laser allows directing the power on a narrow area. This decreases unwanted heating of other parts of the bending equipment, minimizes wear of the tool and, if properly done, avoids damage of the surface of the metal.
We first describe some preliminary tests showing the possibility to use diode laser bars in this application for Mg-, Ti-, Al-, and steel-alloys. Further we show the integration of these lasers in a lower tool that can be used in a conventional bending press. Further the use of a solid state laser is demonstrated. Experiments show the successful bending of brittle metal sheets in a process nearly as simple as conventional cold bending.

Laser-Assisted Bending, Brittle Materials, Diode Lasers, Solid State Lasers

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