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R. Petkovsek, V. Agrez, F. Bammer:
"Gain-Switching of a Fiber Laser: Experiment and a Simple Theoretic Model";
Vortrag: Photonics Europe 2010, Brüssel; 12.04.2010 - 16.04.2010; in: "Solid State Lasers and Amplifiers IV, and High-Power Lasers", SPIE Proceedings, Vol. 7721 (2010), ISBN: 978-0-8194-8194-8; S. 77210L-1 - 77210L-6.

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Gewinn-geschalteter Faserlaser

Kurzfassung englisch:
We present a study of a gain-switched end-pumped Yb-doped-fiber laser. A control unit switches on at a desired repetition rate and switches off at the moment when the first spike of the transitional effect appears in order to suppress additional oscillations. The laser uses an 8.7m long double clad active fiber with core and inner cladding diameter of 8µm and 130µm respectively, and absorption of 1.5dB/m. The maximum pumping power, provided by three single emitter diodes is 19W, which enables a peak power of ~60W at 350ns pulse width.
A rate equation model accurately predicts the main pulse parameters. It describes the population dynamics of the photons and the laser levels, including the occupation by thermal effects. Further numerical simulations show that with adequate active fiber geometry, active ion doping and sufficient pumping power, much shorter pulses in range of 50ns and peak power of several 100W can be achieved. Such a simple system with the potential addition of a one stage active fiber amplifier can be interesting for some applications in micro-processing like scribing of solar cells, micro processing, and thin film removal.

Fiber Lasers, Gain-switching, rate equations

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