S. Schilke, A. Rauber:
"Long-term Archiving of Digital Data on Microfilm";
International Journal of Electronic Governance, 3 (2010), 3; S. 237 - 253.

Kurzfassung englisch:
E-government applications have to archive data or documents
for long retention periods of 100 years or more. This requires to store
digital data on stable media, and to ensure that the file formats can be
read by available software. Both applications as well as media technology
have only short life spans. Thus, data has to be migrated at frequent
intervals onto new data carriers and to new file formats. However,
original file versions usually need to be retained permanently. In terms
of cost, stability and technology independence, microfilm storage offers a
promising solution for off-line storage. This paper reports on a feasibility
study analysing encoding techniques that allow digital data to be saved
onto microfilm, testing data recovery as well as cost issues.

digital preservation; bit-stream preservation; long-term storage; microfilming.

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