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S. Bashir, A. Rauber:
"Improving Retrievability of Patents in Prior-Art Search";
Talk: European Conference on Information Retrieval (ECIR), Milton Keynes, UK; 2010-03-28 - 2010-03-31; in: "Proceedings of 32nd European Conference on Information Retrieval (ECIR´10)", Springer, 5993 (2010), ISBN: 978-3-642-12274-3; 457 - 470.

English abstract:
Prior-art search is an important task in patent retrieval. The success
of this task relies upon the selection of relevant search queries. Typically terms
for prior-art queries are extracted from the claim ¯elds of query patents. How-
ever, due to the complex technical structure of patents, and presence of terms
mismatch and vague terms, selecting relevant terms for queries is a di±cult
task. During evaluating the patents retrievability coverage of prior-art queries
generated from query patents, a large bias toward a subset of the collection
is experienced. A large number of patents either have a very low retrievabil-
ity score or can not be discovered via any query. To increase the retrievability
of patents, in this paper we expand prior-art queries generated from query
patents using query expansion with pseudo relevance feedback. Missing terms
from query patents are discovered from feedback patents, and better patents
for relevance feedback are identi¯ed using a novel approach for checking their
similarity with query patents. We speci¯cally focus on how to automatically se-
lect better terms from query patents based on their proximity distribution with
prior-art queries that are used as features for computing similarity. Our results
show, that the coverage of prior-art queries can be increased signi¯cantly by
incorporating relevant queries terms using query expansion.

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