S. Bessler, A Fischer, E. Kühn, R. Mordinyi, S. Tomic:
"Using Tuple-Spaces to manage the Storage and Dissemination of Spatial-temporal Content";
Journal of Computer and System Sciences, 77 (2011), 2; S. 322 - 331.

Kurzfassung englisch:
Structured, spatial-temporal content arises in application areas
such as mobile computing, intelligent transportation and urban
mobility, and ubiquitous sensing. For the distributed storage and
dissemination of such content, peer to peer solutions appear to be
the natural choice. However, a closer analysis shows that
distributed hash tables (DHT) alone are not enough: firstly, they do
not maintain the original structure to efficiently access the
comprising attributes, and secondly, they lead to high signaling
traffic when handling short lived data, which is characteristic for
high mobility scenarios. In order to address these two problems we
propose a novel content dissemination architecture based on an
overlay of space-based containers. In this paper we also show how we
apply the proposed concept to realize a concrete application in the
field of intelligent transportation, and present the results of the
performance evaluation conducted in the system prototype.

Tuple spaces, Content centric dissemination, DHT, Intelligent transportation, Service platform

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