T. Muhic, L Kosec, G. Liedl et al.:
"Assessment of the Effect of Nd:YAG Laser Pulse Operating Parameters on the Metallurgical Characteristics of Different Tool Steels using DOE Software";
METALURGIJA, 50 (2011), 2; S. 101 - 105.

Kurzfassung englisch:
To ensure the reliability of repair welded tool surfaces, clad quality should be improved. The relationships between metallurgical characteristics of cladding and laser input welding parameters were studied using the design of experiments software. The influence of laser power, welding speed, focal point position and diameter
of welding wire on the weld-bead geometry (i.e. penetration, cladding zone width and heat-affected-zone width),microstructural homogeneity, dilution and bond strength was investigated on commonly used tool ste-
els 1,2083, 1,2312 and 1,2343, using DOE software.

laser cladding, tool steel, DOE software

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