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R. Fayzrakhmanov, M. Goebel, W. Holzinger, B. Krüpl, R. Baumgartner:
"A Unified Ontology-Based Web Page Model for Improving Accessibility";
Talk: International World Wide Web Conference (WWW), Raleigh, USA; 2010-04-26 - 2010-04-30; in: "Proceedings of the 19th international conference on World Wide Web", M. Rappa, P. Jones (ed.); ACM Press, (2010), 1087 - 1088.

English abstract:
Fast technological advancements and little compliance with
accessibility standards byWeb page authors pose serious ob-
stacles to the Web experience of the blind user. We propose
a uni ed Web document model that enables us to create
a richer browsing experience and improved navigability for
blind users. The model provides an integrated view on all
aspects of a Web page and is leveraged to create a multi-
axial user interface.

Web Accessibility

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