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B. Krüpl:
"Looking For the Sweet Spot Between Low-Threshold Participation and Expressiveness in Social Media";
Talk: 2nd Web Science Conference - WebSci2010, Raleigh, USA; 2010-04-26 - 2010-04-27; in: "Proceedings of the 2nd Web Science Conference - WebSci2010", (2010).

English abstract:
User participation is the essence of social media. But participation
in itself is a malleable concept. On the Web, participation
models include creating and posting to an online
blog, commenting on articles, editing Wikipedia, tagging,
giving a star rating and pushing a thumbs-up button. Less
users participate when the complexity of the required interaction
increases. At the other side is what we call the expressiveness
of a participation model. It describes how well
users can communicate through a social medium, and how
much information can be transmitted. This paper discusses
these two aspects in the context of social media websites and
presents our own social media system Ranqq that attempts
to reside in the sweet spot where users nd low barriers to
participate, but still a rich way to express themselves. We
discuss the metaphor of rankings lists as social object and
provide some details about our system that makes use of
this concept.

Social media, participation, expressiveness, ranking lists

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