Dan Wang, D. Fesenmaier, H. Werthner, K. Wöber:
"The Journal of Information Technology and Tourism: A Content Analysis of the Past 10 Years";
Information Technology & Tourism, Vol. 12 (2010), 1; S. 3 - 16.

Kurzfassung englisch:
This article performs a content analysis on the first 10 volumes of Information Technology & Tourism. A total of 144 articles are classified by six different categories. To identify trends and
patterns in themes, the analysis is split into various periods. The objectives of this study include taking a look at the history of the journal to see what progress the scientific information technology
and tourism commumty is making in their field. The data support the authors' early impressions of ITT as a primarily interdisciplinary journal dealing largely with human-computer interaction-related
issues with an increasing number of articles dealing with business models recently. In addition, the distribution of articles by countries suggests that ITT has become a truly international
journal reflecting studies from all parts of the world.

Information Technology & Tourism; Content analysis; Trends

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