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R. Heuer:
"Vibration Control of Linear Elastic Beam Structures with Spatial Local Nonlinearities";
Talk: Russia - Austria Joint Workshop on Advanced Dynamics and Model Based Control of Structures and Machines, Linz; 2010-04-25 - 2010-04-28.

English abstract:
Vibration problems of linear elastic structures with spatially localized nonlinearities are related to non-classically damped systems with single external devices. Such systems are characterized by the fact that their nonlinear behavior is largely restricted to a limited number of single points in the structure. The paper presents a semi-analytical procedure for analyzing the dynamic steady-state response of locally nonlinear beams under piezoelectric actuation, where special emphasis is laid on systems with single nonlinear spring or/and damping devices. The solution of the underlying boundary value problem is found by means of a problem-oriented decomposition in frequency domain, which has been adopted from methods for structures under multiple support excitations. Example problems are given for elastic beam structures with time-variant imposed piezoelectric curvature, where single supports are connected to external devices.

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