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R. Heuer:
"Structural control by means of pendulum dampers: theoretical and experimental investigations";
Talk: 14th European Conference on Earthquake Engineering 2010 (ECEE 2010), Ohrid, Republik Mazedonien; 2010-08-30 - 2010-09-03.

English abstract:
Passive vibration control of continuous elastic slender structures combined with a discrete tuned pendulum
damper (TPD) is studied. In case of strong motions, e.g. due to earthquakes, the oscillation of the TPD exhibits
(moderately) large rotations and nonlinear analysis becomes essential to understand the nature of the system and
its dynamic process. The hybrid system is introduced in discretized form as a geometrically nonlinear
phenomenon corresponding to a nonlinear single pendulum combined with a linear elastic tower. Nonlinear
computer simulations are performed for MDOFs studying the influence of the higher modes of the main
structure on the passive damping behavior of the pendulum. In order to verify the analytical and numerical
results a frame model structure with a rigid pendulum attached at its free end is constructed. Support excitation is
generated by means of an electrodynamic shaker, and the dynamic response is measured by means of
piezoelectric accelerometers.

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