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T. Neubauer, C. Stummer:
"Interactive selection of Web services under multiple objectives";
Information Technology and Management, 11 (2009), 1; 25 - 41.

English abstract:
The manual composition of efficient combinations
of Web services becomes almost impossible as the
number of services increases dramatically. When determining
an appropriate set of services, managers must
take into consideration given business processes, business
strategy and multiple Quality of Service (QoS) objectives
while ensuring the cost-efficient usage of limited resources.
Because the agility with which new business requirements
are adapted has a major influence on business success and
poor investment decisions may thus entail corporate failure,
decision makers are experiencing growing pressure to
prove the value of IT investments-but they often lack
appropriate multicriteria decision support tools. This paper
introduces a new decision support approach that more
properly addresses these challenges. We implemented this
approach into a tool and evaluated the performance of two
popular methods (i.e., the Analytic Hierarchy Process and
the Weighted Scoring Method) by means of a real-life case
study in the social security sector. It turns out that the
decision support system assists decision makers in identifying
investments that more precisely target their company´s
business needs by allowing them to interactively
determine and continually optimize service allocation
according to the corporate business processes and multiple
(strategic) objectives.

Web services selection, Multiple objectives, Interactive decision support

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