Diploma and Master Theses (authored and supervised):

A. Solana Esteban:
"Front-End Design for a Multi-Mission, Multi-Standard Satellite Ground Station";
Supervisor: A.L. Scholtz, M. Fischer; Institut für Nachrichtentechnik und Hochfrequenztechnik, 2010; final examination: 07-23-2010.

English abstract:
It can be said that satellites are a proof of technical advance. Their use in physics, astrophysics, communications, among others, have turned them into a reliable and unconditional everyday tool. Moreover, nowadays, satellite communications do not serve mere commercial services but also educational scientific radio research. This is feasible due to the possibility of building low cost spacecrafts and earth stations for LEO, allowing, for instance, universities to carry out educational research.

Specifically, Vienna University of Technology, Institute of Communications and Radio-Frequency Engineering is currently building a ground station that will communicate with satellites in LEO at scientific and amateur radio S-band (2.00-2.45GHz), as well as in UHF (435-438MHz) and VHF (144-146MHz) bands. The mission and projects supported in the first step by the ground station are of special scientific interest in the field of asteroseismology, physics and communications, and highlight the countless possiblities that LEO communications can offer.

In this thesis, I describe a radio-frequency S-band front-end design and component selection of a ground station supporting BRITE Constellation mission, GENSO project, COROT satellite and MOST project. The ground station is designed to be flexible and open for future add-ons or modifications. Link budgets and propagation losses are carefully calculated in this thesis, predicting exceptional performance in the uplink and downlink of the institute´s ground station.

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