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S. Vollsinger, R. Poisel, A. Preh, M. Mölk:
"A Flood Retention Basin In An Abandoned Stone Quarry - Evaluating The Stability Of A Submerged Rock Slope";
Vortrag: INTERPRAEVENT 2010, Taipei, Taiwan; 26.04.2010 - 30.04.2010; in: "INTERPRAEVENT 2010 - Symposium Proceedings", (2010), S. 311 - 320.

Kurzfassung englisch:
Flood mitigation measures are currently being projected for two Styrian communities threatened by frequent floods caused by the creek Lammerbach. A stone quarry scheduled for shut-down could serve as a flood retention basin. Quarrying activities have left a steep rock
slope with an inclination of 60°. This slope´s foot would be submerged when the flood retention basin is filled. Geotechnical investigations aimed to prove, that the stability of the rock slope during submersion would match the required factor of safety. Four possible failure mechanisms were derived based on the joint system and the rock blocks. The stability calculations assumed limit quilibrium of the rock slope in the actual state (factor of safety =
1.0). Friction angle and cohesion in the actual state were back calculated for each joint plane using limit equilibrium equations. For each failure mechanism the stability of the rock slope in the final state (submersion) was calculated and compared with the required safety factor. Three necessary measures were determined to provide the required stability of the sidewall under submersion.

Flood retention, Geotechnical modeling, Failure mechanism

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