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M. Gavrilescu, M. Malik, E. Gröller:
"Custom Interface Elements for Improved Paramter Control in Volume Rendering";
Talk: 14th Int. Conf. on System Theory and Control 2010, Sinaia, Romania; 2010-10-17 - 2010-10-19; in: "14th Int. Conf. on System Theory and Control 2010", (2010), 219 - 224.

English abstract:
In volume visualization interfaces, renderingrelated parameters are often manually editable through various controls and interface elements. Most of the time however, these offer little or no beforehand information on the resulting effects that would occur for certain parameter values or across the whole value domain. This makes parameter adjustment a trial and error process. We have developed techniques to anticipate these changes and display them on customized versions of popular interface elements, such as sliders or transfer function editors. Through the use of visualization means such as graphs, color mapping, and various other indicators, the influence of potential parameter changes on the volume rendering output can be assessed before any actual changes are made. This makes it easier for the potential user to work with such interfaces, while receiving feedback on parameter behavior and stability.

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