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E. Gröller:
"Illustrative Visualization";
Talk: IFI colloquium, University of Zurich (invited); 2010-12-02.

English abstract:
Illustrations play a major role in the education process. Whether used to teach a surgical or radiologic procedure, to illustrate normal or aberrant anatomy, or to explain the functioning of a technical device, illustration significantly impacts learning. One of the key concepts for creating an expressive illustration is abstraction. Abstraction introduces a distortion between the visualization and the underlying model according to the communicative intent of the illustration. Inspired by observations from hand-made illustrations, similar techniques for the generation of rendered images have been developed. These techniques work on different levels: low level abstraction techniques (stylized depiction methods) deal with how objects should be presented, while high level abstraction techniques (smart visibility approaches) are concerned with what should be visible and recognizable. We review several existing approaches from both categories and describe concepts used in the design of a system for creating interactive illustrations directly from volumetric data. A fully dynamic three-dimensional illustration environment is discussed which directly operates on volume data. Single images have the aesthetic appeal of traditional illustrations, but can be interactively altered and explored. Furthermore, we discuss several illustrative concepts like style transfer functions, exploded views, semantic layers, and illustration-inspired integrated views. Further information on the presented techniques is available at http://www.cg.tuwien.ac.at/research/vis/.

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