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B. Hofer, B. Povazay, B. Hermann, A. Unterhuber, G. Matz, W. Drexler:
"Dispersion encoded full range frequency domain optical coherence tomography";
Optics Express, 17 (2009), 1; 7 - 24.

German abstract:
We propose an iterative algorithm that exploits the dispersion mismatch between reference and sample arm in frequency-domain optical coherence tomography (FD-OCT) to effectively cancel complex conjugate mirror terms in individual A-scans and thereby generate full range tomo- grams. The resulting scheme, termed dispersion encoded full range (DEFR) OCT, allows distinguishing real structures from complex conjugate mirror artifacts. Even though DEFR-OCT has higher post-processing complexity than conventional FD-OCT, acquisition speed is not compromised since no additional A-scans need to be measured, thereby rendering this technique robust against phase fluctuations. The algorithm uses numerical dispersion compensation and exhibits similar resolution as standard processing. The residual leakage of mirror terms is further reduced by incorporating additional knowledge such as the power spectrum of the light source. The suppression ratio of mirror signals is more than 50 dB and thus comparable to complex FD-OCT techniques which use multiple A-scans.

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