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G. Csanyi:
"The Universe of Academic Learning Outcomes: www.learning-outcomes.net";
Vortrag: S-ICT-Conference 2010, Den Haag; 01.11.2010 - 02.11.2010; in: "Proceedings of Student Mobility and ICT: World in Transition", J. Brouwer, B. Giesbers, K. Groot, R. Jacobi, J. Schep (Hrg.); FEBA ERD Press, Maastricht (2010), ISBN: 978-90-813727-4-9; S. 155 - 163.

Kurzfassung englisch:
Abstract: Learning outcomes of high quality are the basis of both, academic mobility and
state-of-the-art curriculum design. Therefore a data base for learning outcomes on a European
basis was implemented and is accessible since October 2010. The function of this web-based
tool is to open the opportunity for European HE and CE institutions to publish intended
learning outcomes (ILOs) of their study programs (on module level), to compare them to those
of other institutions and thus to start a process of shared quality development of ILO
descriptions and architectures. This paper presents the structure of the data base and discusses
some of the problems not yet satisfyingly solved.

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