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T. Abbas, J. Karedal, F. Tufvesson, A. Paier, L. Bernadó, A. Molisch:
"Directional Analysis of Vehicle-to-Vehicle Propagation in Different Traffic Environments";
Talk: 12th COST 2100 Management Committee Meeting, Bologna, Italy; 11-23-2010 - 11-25-2010; in: "Proceeding 12th COST2100 Management Committee Meeting", (2010), 5 pages.

English abstract:
This paper presents a double directional analysis of vehicle-to-vehicle channel measurements conducted in two different traffic environments. Using a high-resolution algorithm, we derive channel parameters like angle-of-arrival, angle-of-departure, propagation delay and Doppler shift and identify underlying propagation mechanisms by combining these estimates with maps of the measurement sites. The results show that single-bounce interaction with static objects is the dominating effect in the absence of line-of-sight(LOS), and that the contribution from other vehicles is small. We also find that in the absence of line-of-sight the direction spread at both sides of link is large which indicates that it would be possible to achieve a large diversity gain using multi-antenna arrangements.

channel measurements, vehicular communications, radio channel characterization

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