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J. Jancsary, G. Matz, H. Trost:
"An Incremental Subgradient Algorithm for Approximate MAP Estimation in Graphical Models";
Talk: NIPS International Workshop on Optimization for Machine Learning, Whistler (Canada); 12-10-2010; in: "Proc. 3rd International Workshop on Optimization for Machine Learning", (2010), 6 pages.

English abstract:
We present an incremental subgradient algorithm for approximate computation of maximum-a-posteriori (MAP) states in cyclic graphical models. Its most strik- ing property is its immense simplicity: each iteration requires only the solution of a sequence of trivial optimization problems. The algorithm can be equally un- derstood as a degenerated dual decomposition scheme or as minimization of a degenerated tree-reweighted upper bound and assumes a form that is reminiscent of message-passing. Despite (or due to) its conceptual simplicity, it is equipped with important theoretical guarantees and exposes strong empirical performance.

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