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P. Tesavibul, J. Patzer, R. Felzmann, R. Liska, J. Stampfl:
"Customized ceramic implants made by lithography based additive manufacturing";
Poster: 4. Wiener Biomaterialsymposium, Wien; 11-15-2010 - 11-17-2010; in: "Tagungsband", J. Stampfl (ed.); (2010), 25.

English abstract:
Additive manufacturing techniques allow the fabrication of individualized implants made of polymers or ceramics. For this work, materials and systems for the lithography-based fabrication of ceramic implants have been developed. Additionally, methods for the fixation of ceramic implants on bone are investigated.

The ceramic implant was built using lithography based additive manufacturing. By using a digital light processing (DLP) system, selected regions of a ceramic filled photopolymer are exposed to solidify the slurry. After building the part, a thermal treatment is necessary to remove the solvents and decompose the polymeric binder to obtain a fully (>99.5% of theoretical density) dense ceramic product.

This research also investigated the optimum building parameters such as the exposure time, the ideal amount of initiator and the achievable solid loading for optimizing the green strength of the parts.

The pull-out strength of the implants, which were attached to bovine bone, was investigated in the following way. The bone was prepared and drilled with holes of 8 mm diameter. Then, the implant sample was inserted into the hole and attached to the bone by using biocompatible photopolymer. After the glue was polymerized by light, the pull-out strength between the implant and the bone was measured.

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