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G. Fitzpatrick:
"Moving care technology into the home: a stroke rehab example";
Talk: Österreichische Computer Gesellschaft und Institut für Scientific Computing, Univ. Wien, Graz (invited); 2010-05-06.

English abstract:
Europe is facing the challenge of an aging population and increasing demands on the healthcare system. Assistive technologies and telecare systems that can enable people to remain in their own home and receive care are seen as possible solutions. However, many of these solutions are primarily defined by clinicians and technologists and measured by health outcomes. While these are critically important, they only form part of the story and patients? perspectives are often lost in the design of these new systems. I will discuss an ongoing project looking at a particular type of care in the home, stroke rehabilitation, and illustrate how we are trying to integrate clinical and patient concerns to design a solution that meets clinical needs but at the same time helps motivate patients and re-connect them with friends and family. This points to a more general need to design systems to better fit into the everyday lives of people and into their everyday spaces; the home is not simply a remote extension of the hospital.

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