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G. Fitzpatrick:
"Expanding concerns for HCI - interfacing with everyday life";
Talk: Medical University Graz, Graz (invited); 2010-05-07.

English abstract:
As technology increasingly moves off the desktop and out into the `real worldŽ, the importance of understanding the contexts in which technologies are used and the experiences of the people who use them becomes increasingly critical. To illustrate some of these issues, this presentation can draw on a number of case studies depending on the interests of the audience. These include:

- the use of paper medical records in a hospital ward; this points to the differences between an archival data-centric view of EHRs and their role as tailored working documents mediating collaborative work
- the use of mobile location-sensitive technologies to support creative writing experiences in an outdoor setting; this points to the work to make them work and the differences between system and people views of location
- the use of various technologies by some older people, including YouTube videos by Geriatric1927 and older people playing the wii; this points to the challenges of designing for older people, and how the theoretical conceptualisation we have older people influences how we perceive technology can be used.
- Deeper reflections on the stroke rehabilitation case study, discussed at the OCG-OVE presentation; this points to the challenges of designing for the home setting and of interdisciplinary work.

The presentation will conclude with some broader reflections on HCI and its move from designing interfaces to designing new ways of living, working, playing learning etc - interfacing with life - and on the need for a more integrated and holistic approach if we are to do this well.

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