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B. Gramlich, F. Schernhammer:
"Outermost Termination via Contextual Dependency Pairs";
Talk: 11th International Workshop on Termination (WST 2010), Edinburgh; 2010-07-14 - 2010-07-15; in: "Proc. 11th International Workshop on Termination (WST 2010)", P. Schneider-Kamp (ed.); (2010), 13 - 17.

English abstract:
Recently, the problem of proving outermost termination has been addressed mainly by methods relying on transformations. Here we describe a more direct approach inspired by the dependency pair (DP) framework of [Giesl et al., JAR 2006]. The basic idea is to enrich dependency pairs by an additional component, namely the calling context of the corresponding recursive function call. Then one can use the additional contextual information to model DP chains adhering to certain strategies (e.g. the outermost strategy). Additionally, existing methods of the ordinary DP approach can partly be reused.

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