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D. Blaschke, H. Grosse, E. Kronberger, M. Schweda, M. Wohlgenannt:
"Loop calculations for the non-commutative U(1) gauge field model with oscillator term";
European Physical Journal C, 67 (2010), 3-4; 575 - 582.

English abstract:
Motivated by the success of the non-commutative scalar Grosse-Wulkenhaar model, a non-commutative U(1) gauge field theory including an oscillator-like term in the action has been put forward in arXiv:0705.4205. The aim of the current work is to analyze whether that action can lead to a fully renormalizable gauge model on non-commutative Euclidean space. In a first step, explicit one-loop graph computations are hence presented, and their results as well as necessary modifications of the action are successively discussed.

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