Publications in Scientific Journals:

S.T. Nakagawa, H. Kanda, G. Betz:
"The Straggling of Dissociation Distance in Molecular Beam Implantation";
IEEJ Trans. EIS, 130 (2010), 12; 2182 - 2187.

English abstract:
A specific crystalline defekt in diamond may work as a NOT gate in a quantum computer. It is called NV-N center that is composed of two substitutional nitrogen atoms that are separated by c.a. 1.5 nm and one of them is adjacent to a vacancy. In order to find an optimal condition to produce it using a low-energy (100 500 ev/atom N2 beam implantation, we performed an empirical molecular dynamic simulation. By a high-temperatures implantation at 900 100 K, the formation probability of such desired NV-N centers was 5 10%, which is comparable with a measured data.

diamond, N2 beam implantation, NV-N center, molecular dynamics simulation

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