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R. Tresch, G. Alfano, M. Guillaud:
"Large System Analysis of Interference Alignment in Clustered Wireless Ad Hoc Networks";
Talk: Joint NEWCOM++ / COST 2100 Workshop on Wireless Communications, Paris, France; 03-01-2011 - 03-02-2011; in: "Proc. Joint NEWCOM++ / COST 2100 Workshop on Wireless Communications", (2011), 6 pages.

English abstract:
Dense wireless networks are fundamentally limited by the intensity of the received signals and the mutual interference caused by many simultaneous transmissions. We consider large wireless ad hoc networks where the location of concurrent transmitters is modeled as a Poisson cluster process. We assume that transmitter and receivers are equipped with multiple antennas and evaluate the performance of interference alignment with receive diversity inside each cluster. This approach leads to coordinated intra-cluster interference that can be suppressed at each receiver by simple linear filtering and uncoordinated inter-cluster interference. We extend our previous analysis of the outage probability achieved by this transmission strategy and derive expressions applicable at high Signal-to-Interference Ratio where the density of inter-cluster interferers goes to 0, along the lines of the analysis recently proposed by Ganti, Andrews and Haenggi. In this high-reliability regime, we establish formulas for the transmission capacity and the area spectral efficiency. Furthermore, for a special network setting with power-law pathloss, we find closed-form capacity expressions and identify the terms related to the intra-cluster multiplexing and diversity gain.

Interference Channel; Interference Alignment; Ad Hoc Networks

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