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M.A. Ertl:
"Domination-Based Scoping and Static Single Assignment Languages";
Talk: Static Single-Assignment Form Seminar, Autrans, Frankreich; 2009-04-26 - 2009-04-30.

English abstract:
SSA form makes data flow easier to understand. This
is not just an advantage for the compiler, but can
also be an advantage for the programmer. One style
of using local variables in Forth is to program in
single-assignment style. Based on these experiences,
we also designed an experimental programming
language with a more conventional syntax that
enforces static single assignments, and collected
some experience with it. One consequence of this
approach is a new scoping regime based on
domination; in many cases domination-based scoping
is mostly equvalent to classical block-based
scoping, but there are also cases where there is a

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