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H. Truong, S. Dustdar:
"Cloud computing for small research groups in computational science and engineering: current status and outlook";
Computing, Volume 91 (2011), Number 1; 75 - 91.

English abstract:
Cloud computing could offer good business models for small
computational science and engineering (CSE) research groups because these groups
often do not have enough human resources and knowledge to manage the complexity
of computational and data infrastructure for their research, while cloud computing
aims to eliminate that complexity from the user. In this paper,we have analyzed current
status of supporting tools for small CSE groups to utilize cloud computing. Although
cloud computing is perceived as an interestingmodel,we have identified several issues
that prevent a wide adoption of cloud computing from small CSE research groups.
We also present recommendations for addressing these issues in order to attract small
CSE groups to utilize cloud computing.

Cloud computing Computational science and engineering Programming support Infrastructure-as-a-service Platform-as-a-service Software-as-a-service

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