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K. Göschka:
"Building blocks for self-adaptive systems";
Talk: Dagstuhl Seminar 10431 Software Engineering for Self-Adaptive Systems, Dagstuhl, Germany (invited); 2010-10-24 - 2010-10-29.

English abstract:
To deploy self-adaptive systems in practice, configurable re-usable building
blocks for control loops have to be provided. For the activity "act" we
suggest to focus on structure and interaction rather than parameters of
components and constitutents of the system. This may include the run-time
selection and reconfiguration of (mutable) protocols to provide for (short-
term) adaptivity. Long-term evolution on the other hand needs
requirements that are computationally available during run-time. Here we
have first results with run-time constraints that allow to change at least
some of the requirements of a system during run-time.

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