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Ph. Leitner, W. Hummer, S. Dustdar:
"Cost-Based Optimization of Service Compositions";
Report No. TUV-1841-2011-01, 2011; 15 pages.

English abstract:
For providers of composite services preventing cases of SLA violations is crucial. Previous work has established runtime
adaptation of compositions as a promising tool to achieve SLA conformance. However, in order to get a realistic and complete view of
the decision process of service providers, the costs of adaptation need to be taken into account. In this paper we formalize the problem
of finding the optimal set of adaptations, which minimizes the total costs arising from SLA violations and the adaptations to prevent
them. We present possible algorithms to solve this complex optimization problem, and detail an end-to-end system based on our earlier
work on the PREvent (prediction and prevention based on event monitoring) framework, which clearly indicates the usefulness of our
model. We discuss experimental results that show how the application of our approach leads to reduced costs for the service provider,
and explain the circumstances in which different algorithms lead to more or less satisfactory results.

Service-oriented Computing, Service Composition, Optimization, Adaptation

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