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N. Harrison, P. Avgeriou, U. Zdun:
"On the Impact of Fault Tolerance Tactics on Architecture Patterns";
Talk: 2nd International Workshop on Software Engineering for Resilient Systems (SERENE 2010), London, United Kingdom; 2010-04-15 - 2010-04-16; in: "SERENE 2010", ACM, (2010), 978-60558-275-7; 10 pages.

English abstract:
One important way that an architecture impacts fault tolerance
is by making it easy or hard to implement tactics that improve
fault tolerance. Information about how the implementation of
fault tolerance tactics affects the architecture patterns of a
system should be useful to architects during architectural design
in selecting optimal fault tolerance tactics and architecture
patterns. In order to understand more about how useful this
information can be, we performed an informal study of teams
designing fault tolerance tactics in an architecture. One group
used information about the interaction of tactics and architecture
patterns; the other did not. We observed that the group with the
information produced better quality architectures, and were able
to better estimate the difficulty of implementing the tactics. We
recommend that information about the interaction of tactics and
architecture patterns be made available to architects, particularly
those with less familiarity about fault tolerance tactics.

Patterns, Software Architectures, Fault-tolerance, Reliability tactics

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