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M. Treiber, K. Kritikos, D. Schall, S. Dustdar, D. Plexousakis:
"Modeling Context-aware and Socially-enriched Mashups";
Talk: 3rd International Workshop on Web APIs and Services Mashups (Mashups 2009) co-located with OOPSLA 2009, Orlando, Florida, USA; 2009-10-25 - 2009-10-29; in: "Proceedings of the 3rd and 4th International Workshops on Web APIs and Services Mashups", A. Koschmider, C. Pautasso, C. Zirpins, M. Maximilien, S. Tai (ed.); ACM, (2010), ISBN: 978-1-4503-0418-4; Paper ID 2, 8 pages.

English abstract:
Mashup platforms and end-user centric composition tools have become
increasingly popular. Most tools provide Web interfaces and
visual programming languages to create compositions. Much of
the previous work has not considered compositions comprising human
provided services (HPS) and software-based services (SBS).
We introduce a novel HPS aware service mashup model which we
call socially oriented mashups (SOM). The inclusion of HPS in
service mashups raises many challenges such as a QoS model that
must account for human aspects and the need for exible execution
of mashups. We propose human quality attributes, for example
delegation, and a context model capturing various information
including location and time. The QoS and context model is used at
design-time and for runtime adaptation of mashups. In this paper,
we show how to model context-aware SOMs that include HPS and
SBS and demonstrate the rst results of our working prototype.

Mashups, Composition, Context, QoS, Human Provided Services

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