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H. Tran:
"A View-based, Model-driven Approach for Reconciling the Business Process Life Cycle";
Talk: Dagstuhl Seminar 10151: Enabling Holistic Approaches to Business Process Lifecycle Management, Dagstuhl, Germany (invited); 2010-04-11 - 2010-04-16.

English abstract:
Our work aims at addressing two major issues in business process life cycle. Firstly, the complexity of process development and maintenance quickly increases along with the number of the involving elements and their relationships and becomes hardly manageable. This occurs as the process descriptions comprise various tangled concerns, such as the control flow, data dependencies, service invocations, etc. Secondly, the lack of explicit links between languages used for modeling and those used for implementing processes lets the stakeholders confronting with disconnected artifacts at different development phases. As a consequence, this hinders the analyzing and tracing back and forth between artifacts, understanding and maintaining the business processes. We propose a view-based, model-driven approach that, on the one hand, supports the stakeholders managing the complexity of process development and adapts to their particular expertise, as well as offers traceability methods and techniques and model-aware repositories for establishing and maintaining the relationships between artifacts during the process development life cycle.

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