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J. Colom Ikuno, C. Mehlführer, M. Rupp:
"A Novel Link Error Prediction Model for OFDM Systems with HARQ";
Talk: IEEE International Conference on Communications 2011 (ICC), Kyoto, Japan; 06-05-2011 - 06-09-2011; in: "IEEE International conference on Communications 2011 (ICC)", (2011), 5 pages.

English abstract:
This paper presents a link error prediction model
capable of accurately predicting the block error ratio in OFDM
systems with hybrid ARQ. The joint modeling of the channel
coding and the retransmissions solves many of the issues with
present models. Our model is based on accumulated conditional
mutual information, mutual information effective SNR averaging,
and simulated AWGN performance curves. As a consequence,
our model is fading-insensitive and takes into account the nonideality
of rate matching. The model can be applied to any
OFDM system that utilizes rate matching as a means to achieve
adaptive modulation and coding and HARQ. We demonstrate
the application of our model in exemplarily LTE and validate
its accuracy by simulation. The whole simulation environment
together with the results of this paper are made available for
download from our homepage.

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